A Group-Based Experience Giving Fathers a Plan to Raise Their Middle School Sons Into Men of Character
   A Group-Based Experience Giving Fathers 
   a Plan to Raise Their Middle School Sons 
   Into Men of Character
You want to intentionally raise your son...
But you need a plan. We get that. 
“I think there are so many things competing to be the voice in our son’s life, and Champion Tribes gives the dad an opportunity to step into where his voice should be and also to introduce other accountable voices into his life.”

-Paul, father of Luke

We believe what sons need most to grow up into men of character is an intentional and engaged dad. Champion Tribes is your plan to intentionally engage with your son.
“You are going to have a relationship with your son of some type, good or bad, and you can either just let that happen or you can define it. Champion Tribes is about being intentional in trying to define your relationship with your son rather than just letting any relationship happen.”

-Troy, father of Edward

How To Get Started 
Order Your Kit
Purchase the Champion Tribes Experience to gear up for the journey and unlock the digital platform.
Form Your Tribe
Select your team for the journey. Recruit a group of committed fathers who also want to do a rite of passage experience with their sons.
Start Your Experience
Begin the experience of a lifetime with your son (and Tribe). 
Don't have a Middle School aged son? 
The Everyday Milestone kit is perfect for any dad who wants to intentionally invest in the life of his son or daughter. It contains a complete toolkit to make the most of every single day as a father. Learn more about the EDM by heading to - All Rights Reserved - FAQ -