Just like the video above, 

You have a powerful opportunity to speak into your son's life in a meaningful way. Except you don't have to wait until you are on death's doorstep to do it. You can give your son the gift of a blessing—a powerful moment in time that will stick with him and carry him through the ups and downs of life—right now. Indeed he is actually already seeking a blessing from you. He desperately wants to hear the wisdom that you have to offer.  He wants to hear that he is loved by you, and that you are proud of him. But you need to give him something powerful and tangible. A moment in time that he will never forget. 
Champion Tribes is a simple, yet powerful experience that gives you a plan to raise up a son of character and ultimately give your son your blessing. It helps you, the father, create the right context for meaningful conversation and move towards deeper relationship with your son. Ultimately, Champion Tribes exists to help you give your son your blessing in a powerful, tangible, and meaningful way.